63 is the year when the iconic firearm platform was issued in a small number to US troops in Vietnam and has been a favourite for many with mythical status. Oddly enough only one manufacture, G&P in the airsoft world ever produced a Stoner 63 Commando version with the 15.7 barrel. The classic “Navy seal” version used on the Me Kong delta and among other special forces groups in Vietnam.  I for one have been a big fan of Commando style weapons or shortened versions of there original service weapon and some of the odd but unique purpose-built weapon platforms the Stoner 63 being one of them. The original G&P version weighed 12.6 lbs with the 15.7-inch barrel, full stock and steal magazine housing was roughly as long and large as and M16. Luckily the Box magazine was constructed our of a durable ABS to save on weight. The nature of airsoft allowing us to have semi-automatic and full-automatic, vs the real version only being full auto when converted from the rifle version, but something was lacking its length and weight could be less. The stoner is by design and nature a small LMG in airsoft the only rival in size would be the LCT RPD or some of the other Shike style weapons but let’s not talk about those hybrids.

Luckily for myself and many of you out there who wish to size down the stoner to a more modern version with a profile comparative to a short carbine rifle and similar controls well you’re in luck. A small company Viking Combatives Customs can sort you out with a quality product and convert your stoner 63, everything from a custom carbon fibre outer barrel of varying length to a chopped stock and even a modern mount for using 249/mk48 box magazines. I discovered VCC on Instagram while on a search for the components to convert my stoner to a smaller version similar to GMR’s converted pieces, however, this proved to be complicated and required work I couldn’t do in my apartment. VCC, on the other hand, had the tools, knowledge and ability to make this desire a reality. Now sending the stoner 63 from Canada to the US safely and legally proved to be a bit of added work but was well worth the time – I won’t bore you with the legal details, So let’s move forward.

Viking Combatines Customs 
VCC is a small company made up of two professional artisans with an eye for great detail and accuracy with they’re conversion builds. In similar fashion to other innovative companies, VCC focuses on enhancing the player’s ability to fight more effectively. This struck an epic note for me, and I had to get my hands on a modernized stoner. So off my 63 went to New York for some real deal work.

Professional Craftsmanship
Finding artisans to do a hard conversion with permanent alterations to your airsoft gun can often prove to be both costly and questionable; however, VCC is neither. The Work done is top tier, and the level of attention to detail is on point. They not only installed an MGA 249 box mounting plate properly, but the carbon fibre barrel is simply exquisite. Rather than talk about the work let these images of the work these gents do speak in volume.

The work done at the end of converting both the stoner and the box magazines to the MK48 lunch box magazines was incredible. For the acquisition of Bull gear internals to the installation of them and subsequent build results were nothing short of extraordinary. However, the main highlight for myself was the carbon fibre outer barrel conversion. this proved to be a game-changer by reducing the weight of the barrel, but this is also a neat approach to saving weight and not compromising on the integrity of the outer barrel coming in a mere 3.7oz when completed. The magazine housing conversion saves on more than a pound and a chunky steal housing carriage that can occasionally get in the way of the player, to replace it with the standard latch mount on 249’s, mk48s. This also opens up the door for the use of traditional box magazine and nut sacks too and increasing the reload speed.

My personal stoner completed – thanks to these gentlemen.

From the Founders of VCC

"Our Mission"

Regardless of the platform or a piece of gear, our mission is to push all aspects of our work and products to the next level to allow performance, versatility, usability and maneuverability. We aim to provide the most functional, ergonomic, practical and lightweight gear to allow the user's gear to work for them, not have to fight their gear. This allows the user to be more focused on their job and be able to perform to the best of their ability without hindrance. We strive to always remain involved with the community by staying in contact with our customers to keep them up to date on new products and modifications we offer. This way we can continue to offer them the most advanced systems as we develop them. We aim to encourage the community to DIY the work and are willing to help and/or give advice and tips to anyone who may need our expertise. It's important to inspire the community. After all, that’s how we started, we were inspired by the work Zika of Constables of Rooks (our close friend and teammate of one of our founders) who originated the idea and execution of the Chopped Lightened Modernized Stoner 63 and distributing the information for all to be had.

Supporting small innovative companies like VCC is important to grow the level of products and simple to change the base of the game. There are plenty of techs and do it yourself guides, but if you’re like me and want things done at a level, you may not be capable of, lookup VCC.  These gents are at the cornerstone of pushing new concepts and building innovating systems for the player.

– Schoolboy Out