Diemaco a legendary name in the firearms industry for innovation and the creation of the Canadian forces standard issue rifle and carbines. The C7 and C8 series from the A1 to A3’s, the C rifles have been in a constant state of evolution. However, there is one particular generation that stands apart and is synonymous among collectors and CAF enthusiasts alike, and it’s green, very green. The C7A2 and C8A3/SFW are well known for the plastic green furniture, Tri-rail, and large Elcan C79 optic with a green rubber cover.  For a small few of us in Canada, we’ve had the good fortune to serve with this weapon as well as handle it. The C7/C8 series is unique in comparison to our American counterpart to the south and heavily sought after. Like many of you, I had wanted to build a very true to form and faithful clone for airsoft, both for nostalgia and the challenge. I didn’t just build one but two versions, but today we will be exploring the C8A3 Carbine and the SFW (L119A1) at a later time.

The External build
To start this build, I sought out an aftermarket compatible AEG Carbine; luckily Toronto Airsoft had *limited edition* G&P C8 carbines in stock; I quickly picked up two of them for the project. The downside to the G&P models are based on American M4A1 carbine, but the trades are Diemaco C8A1 with semi accuracy markings arguably the closest in the airsoft world without custom laser engravings. Unlike the G&G clone, the colour of the body and the CNC engraved trades are a far more accurate finish with the cold crisp service rifle feel.

Next up was to source the correct furniture and externals parts for the build. This is, by far the most challenging part. Unlike American made Carbines of Surplus pieces, CAF surplus pieces for rifles are tough to come by. However, when they do show up on the market, they disappear quickly. I managed to get my hands on all the correct components. Heres the list below.

*Real* Colt Canada/Diemaco Externals rifle components
– Colt Canada Green C7/C8 buttstock (note the pebble grain texturing)
– Colt Canada C8 Handguards
– Diemaco Tri-Rail
– C8A3/C7A2 Ambi charging handle
– Diemaco C7/C8 BUIS (Backup Iron sight)

*Real* additional accessories pieces to acquire
– Cadex Defence Handguard rail
– Cadex Defence Folding Foregrip
– Elcan C79 3.4x optical sight

Airsoft Clone Parts
– Warlord C8 SFW/L119a1 Barrel set
– Warlord C8 SFW/L119a1 Sling base plate

To archive, the green furniture I used a rattle can (spray paint), the correct colour is “forest green” not OD or the G&G baby puke green furniture. For the charging handle, I used a surplus C8/C7 Ambi charging handle and punched the pin to remove the latch and swap the airsoft version out for the real one.  This can be a tough process because the pin ends are flaired out, but it is achievable, however, you can purchase and airsoft clone version now, so long as you can find it. Once the fit and finish was on point the next portion was to bust open the internals.

The Guts
So Right off the bat, I cracked open the gearbox and proceeded to gut the gun. Initially, you have a standard Ver.2 gearbox with no bells and whistles. G&P stock gearboxes aren’t terrible, occasionally they can come loaded with grease, so it’s good practice beside shimming to clean the gearbox out and re-lubricated with higher quality grease. The upside is the pre-upgraded version from Toronto airsoft comes with a higher quality motor than the standard G&P 120, both my C8’s stock came with a 160, and this gun came with a 170. The good news is the compression parts are good to go out of the box.

For the internal overhaul, I decided to replace a large portion of the stock parts with high-quality pieces. The goal was to get a tight grouping at 200ft with a .32g bb, a snappy semi, and a decent rate of fire closer to the real counterpart 900rnds a min/ 17-18rnds withing legal field limits 400fps.

To do this, I started with replacing the entire hop-up system the list below.
-Pro Win m4 hop-up until
-Maple leaf 70% Macaron bucking with Maple leaf flat tensioner
-Prometheus 6.03 416mm inner barrel

Next up was the upper compression system (mainly the piston head piston and spring guide)
-Magic box Ver.2 rotary spring guild
-Inferno airsoft 14 tooth steel rack aluminium piston
-Action Army Ver.2 aluminium Piston head

The gear chain
-SHS 13.1 Hardened gears
-SHS Delay cam
-ASG 18000rpm CNC (28tpa motor)

For the trigger system, I utilized a BTC Spectre Blue tooth Mosfet allowing me to program the firing system, diagnose the gun, and check the electrical system with my phone. Once completed the gun was shooting 395fps with no hop with semi pre-cocking on 15mls and full auto at 900rnds a minute. Ideally, with all my AEG builds, I aim for a high level of efficiency in the compression system and with the round trajectory on the range. I was hopping a .32g bb up to 225-230 feet with a high level of accuracy in a tight torso size grouping. This make it ideal for mounting an optic and being able to reach out and touch a target where most AEG’s drop off.

Build Conclusion
Shortly, I will complete the build as a whole, but initially, this is the ground base for the Canadian Carbine, both the L119A1 and C8 are nearly complete with some minor details to go over. Overall I’m pleased with the result. Follow my Instagram for more updates in the future.

– Schoolboy out