Welcome back to another exciting review! Today we have a rarity of an item, something hard to source but prized by many. The S&T M320 the 203’s replacement, and all around Germany goodness!

In 2004 the US army submitted a request for a replacement for the ageing m203 grenade launcher. The request was put out for a more ergonomic, safer, reliable, and accurate grenade launcher. One year later in 2005 H&K submitted their design and the XM320 was to be tested extensively. In 2006 it entered formal service with the US army and has since entered full production in 2008, the US Marine Corps is the latest military branch to adopt the M320.

Now Back to BB warz!

Having previously owned an M320 back in 2013, the original being the IRON airsoft model. I can say this version is identical, with a few small minor differences, that being the box it comes in, and the finish on the S&T is a bit sharper with a unique serial number.

The Box is well decorated with the product description on the front,  and a fiery background to accent the launcher. Note in the images above the manufacturer on the right and the multiple stock options on the left!

When you first open the box you will be greeted with a protective piece of foam and a Manual underneath with instructions on how to use the launcher, in English and Chinese. It’s single paged and very self-explanatory.

In the box, you will find the M320 with the stand-alone stock and nothing else. I was a bit disappointed, mainly because this launcher was marketed on Evike to come with both the 320 stone and a G36 style stock and adaptor, but this was a minor gripe.

The launcher features a Five position stock which is easy to adjust with the button lever on the left side and snaps into place positively, the stock is weighted making it easy to arc the launcher and is fully coated in a rubber.

The launcher features a spring-loaded release, opening the barrel and breach to the left-hand side of the launcher the inner bore is not riffled like the real one but is smooth and well done. the firing pin protrudes deep into the barrel, this is particularly good if you use C02 grenades or have a general issue with the firing pin being able to allow enough air into the grenade once if fires. However, with this launcher, you need not worry as the firing pin punches in half an inch! Both fire controls are identical to the AG36 and are ambidextrous and click firmly into place.

On the right-hand side, you have the FULL H&K Trademarks, with a unique serial number too! My personal number being 000045 of the line.

To the front, you have an H&K Mp7 style foregrip that can be removed to expose a 20mm rail underneath allowing you to mount various accessories! The sighting system that comes with the launcher itself is your basic leaf sights, and the quality is superb. The ranges are each individually marked on the ladder portion, and they line up perfectly with the front sight posts. Do note I painted mine red with a paint pen to stand out and make it easier for target acquisition.

The one disappointment of this launcher is the rail size spec. The primary draw for the m320 to me was the quick attach feature. Allowing you to slide the grenade launcher easily onto the bottom portion of a standard 20mm rail. However, the launcher mounts on but is loose so to speak and wobbles from left to right. This was an issue with the original IRON airsoft version too. So nothing a little velcro can’t fix.

Overall this launcher is a unique item to have in anyone’s armoury very rare among others in the field and an eye turning the piece in person. The only true downside is the wide rail base causing it to wobble on the bottom of a rifle other than that the build quality and attention to detail is excellent. Its unfortunate they are hard to come by and you really need to dig around to source one and the price for some may be on the steep side, compared to EGLM’s or regular M203’s; But if you’re looking for something truly unique and are willing to put the time in this M320 is a great addition to any modern load out!


– Schoolboy out