Who is OmegaOPS? some of you may ask. You may have heard the fabled rumors or stories from ICE BACK about a small group of guys who built three SCUD missiles by hand. Or maybe you heard about the mortar gas strikes at Panther Airsoft? Who truly knows is a question many seek to discover.

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Three guys, a shit load of crazy ideas, and you get the OH MY GOD in a MEGAoperation. Yea it’s a terrible pun but accurate.

OmegaOps is a local event company started by three men who wanted to create more intense and elaborate games. (Scott Hackenbruch, Roman Goltz, and Craig Wisdom) We’ve had many try to match, but nothing truly as liberating as the Blue and Red teams who’ve fought their way in battle with Omega. The truth is something truly amazing… over the years I’ve played throughout Canada I’ve NEVER witnessed anyone host a game to this level. As a seasoned all year-round player I’ve been in games that host large-scale scenarios or MILSIM events, but nobody went as far as to build real interactive props to use in a game. Let alone things that go BOOM and send various forms of stimulation your way. This is the closest crew in Western Canada who’ve been able to achieve this level of gameplay. The games alone are WELL thought out and planned in advanced, various elements are generally added to them in addition. Things like: Armoured vehicles, RPG’s, Mortars, and even freshly erected fortifications built with longevity in mind.

So what exactly am I talking about? A whole lot of smoke you may say well let me SHOW you first hand what we as a community have been able to experience.


Just two vehicles…. well okay maybe more than a two.

Fire for effect! Stand by!

burning the old to make way for the new

New fortifications deep in panther.

The founders

So when we talk scale, Omega boosts the scale to a level many don’t. The three musketeers as I call them go beyond the call to bring you the best damn experience you can dream of. From Zombies, EL-Chapo, to Panzerfaust, the common theme’s persist in all, TOP Quality.

Personal thoughts: I’ve always been blown away by the experience and the sheer memories I’ve taken away from these games. never in my life would I imagine sitting at a table when Roman brought a homemade fusion core to the table with a back massager inside to make the Rad meter sound real. or watching armored vehicles engage in outright warfare on the field. We’ve seen many try to compete, but little rival the dynamic trio. As for myself, it’s been a pleasure to work with Omega and I hope to engage more to support the ever-growing group. I look forward to future events.

Photo credit: Jon Kaethler @ Airsoft Photography
OmegaOps: @ OmegaOPS

– Schoolboy out