“We build to many walls and not enough bridges” – Isaac Newton

Welcome back to another report from the ground! Out here in Beautiful British Columbia! Omega ops, an event company founded by three of my closet teammates and personal friends just hosted an incredible event in the mud and rain of our lovely BC winter weather.

So let us break it down, the main objective of the game was to control the two bridgeheads throughout the field one at the Choke point and the other at the newly constructed and reinforced Southbridge. Both blue and red teams contested the control of the bridges using Markers. One Being a Square and the other being a Circle Various flag stations where scattered across the field and could be used as spawn points so long as the flag was not being contested.

The teams had access to purchases via using Gold bars (yes we made gold bars for them to physically carry and purchase strike packages)

The strike packages were as follows with one bar:
– Mortar strike ( 1 round )
– RPG ( 1 round )
– Legion mercenary reinforcements
– Armoured transport with mounted machine gun

RPG Team

Ferret Armoured Car

Mortar Team

Overall from my perspective as a supporting individual is bias and not a great representation, but let me lay out how the game went. (through my eyes)

The game started on time around 11oclock both teams moved out to their respective spawn points ( the Red team at Northbridge, the Blue team at Castle) Both teams end up securing the bridge closest to them and began fighting at the midpoint of the paintball side around the Fortress. The red team purchased armored car support and began pushing into blue team territory, including flanking them from the south through the swamp. On the other side of the river (Airsoft side) blue team push from the central bunker onto the choke point bridge. This is where myself and teammate would drop our first mortar strike on the Red team at the choke point. After good effect on the target, the Red team purchased a strike on the central bunker, Oh the irony… Later on into the game, the blue team was suffering heavy losses and was being cornered at the rear end of the field. Myself and squad mates proceeded to the south to assist and combine to create a break through. A couple RPG rounds later and a solid push through the central part of the field skirting the river we broke through Red’s line.

The game ended early however due to the heavy rainfall and loss of players from the conditions most faced in the field. The ending overall was a Red team victory with 1050 points and blue trailing behind at 850 points. The key objectives being control of the bridges and various flag stations and the capture of the enemy teams commander, red team succeeded in doing so and came out on top.

A word of thought to the community
Overall thoughts for me are mixed as I have participated in staffing of three OmegaOPS games, however, if I may add some insight to the players on the field. We should be backing these types of games more, and putting our hearts and minds into it too. As someone whos been around for a fair amount of time, since the rise and fall of the clubs to the new generation and heavy field involvement. Let us get one thing clear WE the community CREATE the environment in which we play and cherish. As a player and lover for BB Wars, I wish to see a better field, better games, better quality from the player base too. We can achieve this and in a small way, we have the seeds being planted for this.

The admins at OmegaOPS, are working hard at creating a better experience and adding more to the field of Panther.

photo credit: Jon Kaethler & Pat Apeles

– Schoolboy out