Welcome back to another edition of going commando! Today I’m sharing with you a simple product purchased from all places, Russia. A store located in Moscow and its vast stock of online military apparel called Grey-Shop. Now normally I rarely purchase from outside of Canada or the US, But in this case, I did.

I was investing a great deal of time looking into artificial leaves primarily to incorporate into my Boonie hats. Much like taking vegetation from the surrounding area of operation. I ended up finding what I was looking for on Grey-shop a little know product they call “Oaklet” this product being designed for Russian “Kapkan” suit; a product I may purchase at a later date. This inexpensive $3 USD fake set of Oak leaf strands made in a variety of different camouflage patterns is a simple and easy solution to add to an overall effect. Much like face paint, these products can make the all the difference in the field of disappearing into your surroundings. I purchased a total of 6 and with shipping and the conversion rate is cost me $40 dollars Canadian total and close to a month to arrive.

Now  how to make your “Kale salad” for all your vegan airsoft friends!

For myself, I purchased these leaf sets in two different patterns for two different environments. Multicam Tropic (naturally) because I operate in the Pacific North West, and Multicam for those arid or desert environments. Simply taking two of the long strands (1m exactly) of leaf shaped strands and winding them through the Boonie band on the hat. These add a leafy effect and a novelty camouflage effect, but it works to put it boldly.

In conclusion, this is a product worth its price. Inexpensive and very easy to use with a wide deal or camouflage patterns it’s a good buy.



My homage to my favourite Arny-Movie “Commando”

So go boogie in the bushes!

– Schoolboy Out.