Meprolight, a small company in Israel with a big impact on the tactical market. This is one of my personal favourite companies for optical sighting systems. Since I got a Reproduction M21 two years ago I was faced with a serious dilemma, I wanted a genuine Day/Night optic, the repro-optics fail in a general sense to come close to real battlefield condition optics. Both in function and durability. Now that’s not to say they don’t have a place if you’re a weekend BBWarZ enthusiast. For myself, though I wanted something I could use seamlessly both during day time operations to nighttime operations.

Price point thoughts
So after roughly two years, I decided to take the leap. I bought myself a genuine Meprolight M21. Now, this wasn’t cheap by no means, I paid $550 CAD for this optic. For most out there on the market that’s a steep price. But the truth of the matter is the cost justifies everything about this optic from being a genuine fibre optics autogating sight to the tritium powered reticle at night, This optic is truly always ON, but for the cost of a long-lasting investment in contract to replacing airsoft optics one or more a year.

The box itself is excellent from top to bottom it tells you everything you need to know about this optic. From the location of the company in Israel to the specification of the dealer and the features. When you crack opens the box you will find the Manual packed on top and the M21 with the Honeycomb Kill-flash tucked in nicely on high impact foam. Now the box isn’t the focus so let’s get to the optic itself.

Into the Meprolight M21
So to begin with this optic is a high impact plastic housed optical sight with a reinforced metal protective housing. In comparison to those $100 Call Of duty single lens fragile reflexes this sight is a beast for durability. There is a tiny space between the plastic housing and the exterior cage. This is great as it prevents any direct impact affecting the housing increasing the longevity.

Designed with Israeli special forces this optic has a MASSIVE optical window 30mm to be exact to allow a large field of view for easy open eye shooting. The internal components on the M21 are completely sealed allowing you to be completely submerged underwater and preventing external elements affecting the power source. The glass is reinforced and secured for resisting blunt impact on the exterior of the sight. it has a slight blue tint on the interior to it to assist with the diffusion of extremely well-lit areas with an amber recital. The exteriors of the lens have a green tint to it as a result of the coating. I really love the amber recital over the red it’s easier on the eye and Meprolight ensures it to be crisp and sharp with no parallax.

On the Right side, you have your windage elevation to the front of the optic and two throw arms for securing it on a 1913 Picatinny rail. To the rear of the right side, you have Meprolight’s trademarks “MH3 MEPRO 21M REFLEX” indicating the make and model..

On the left side, you’ve got the optic serial number if you have any issue’s you can contact Meprolight and get assistance. on the bottom, you have the mount screws they are adjustable depending on your rail to help secure the mount better if needs be.

The top side is clean and simple with the bottom left with the height adjustment. Both adjustments click positively into place and are easily adjustable with a flathead, a coin, or the rim of a bullet casing. It’s simple to say this site is elegant it’s a simple to build.

Now into the function. The optic automatically adjusts depending on the ambient light output. The tritium is visible at night in complete darkness. This is great for engaging without light, however, washout is an issue when it comes to using a torch (flashlight) at close range or indoors, this issue also persists when engaging from dark indoor environments to outdoor environments. On the other hand, you can remedy this by purchasing a polarizing lens that simply attaches to the front of the M21. It’s a simple fix and works well, I will be looking into getting one in the future. I have heard or an override devise once sold on Zahal that was a tinny LED light to boost the reticle however, I have been unsuccessful in finding this device. Yet this optic still is arguably one of the most popular on the market in the “Real Steal” market.

“Bye Once Crye Once”
It’s not rocket science but airsoft optics are in a general sense are “cheap”. Inexpensive optics dominate the market in the airsoft world, but the cost to benefit is starting to add up. Doing some basic math I’ve spent more on replica optics than proper optics. The logic is simple “Quality over Quantity” if this much is true, this M21 will outlast the vast majority of China made sights for years to come.

– Schoolboy Out