In 1987 a movie that to this day has one-liners popularized by the super muscular cast who fought an alien enemy deep in the jungles of South America. One character in the group stood out more than most, whether it be his larger than life personality or his hulking weapon that since then has been a favourite popularized heavy weapon concept. The character I’m talking about was “Blain Cooper” the sexual tyrannosaurus carried on him a hulking M134 mini-gun and a backpack to pack with more than enough ammo to challenge an A10. “Ol’ Painless” was the name dubbed for the gun the hulking machine both Jesse Ventura, and the mini-gun was to became a popular idea that had little grounding in reality. Even being featured in the 2010 hit Predators on the Russian Soldier as an iconic heavy weapon.

On the other hand for airsoft where real-world thinking can be overrun with HPA, high caps, and coupled with blistering rates of fire, the concept of a personal mini-gun isn’t so far fetched. Now back in the day Classic army made a man-portable M134 mini-gun just like in the movie, but the gun cost more than a used 90’s Honda Civic and weighed about the same as a mini-fridge. You can image most players being unable to carry something of that magnitude without having to beef up at a gym. Come almost tens years later and Classic Army made a smaller version based on the XM556 Micro-gun, a more personal and practical reproduction.

This wonderful little 4 barreled BB hose is cute enough a 5’2 player can carry it and weighs less than a fully loaded PKM clocking in at 9 lbs. Made of polymer, metal and “overkill” this little pack a punch can operate off HPA or Green Gas. With an internal magazine of 2300rnds, you can challenge most with an overwhelming volume of fire and trim the bushes so to speak. The gun technically is self-contained and doesn’t require external parts unless you are running an Airline for HPA use. The battery storage is on the right-hand side and can hold a stick type 11.1 or 7.4 lipo battery the connector is deans a BIG plus in my books. On the left you have a green gas can attachment point, but it does require a special can with inner threading. Unfortunately, if you live in Canada we don’t have cans like that, but HPA is really where this little monster shines.

This gun is practical in the department of weight with the use of a high-end polymer body reducing the weight significantly compared to its bigger brother. the gun features a forward handle and a rear joystick-style grip with a big red trigger & a pressure safety button on the rear side. Once the battery is plugged in if you fire the gun motor will spin up and the gun will technically dry-fire. The ominous hum coupled with the quad barrels spinning up is a sight to behold and VERY intimidating if you’re on the wrong side of the gun. On the body, you will have a warning sign telling you to avoid going over 120psi on the door hatch witch reveals the hop up adjustment hole the trap door is kind of a novelty, but it serves its purpose. You can adjust each individual barrel using an Alan key, rotating the barrels to the left until you find the wholes for Hop adjustment.

Loading this gun is easy but can be cumbersome in the field. Once you run out of ammunition if you go to the front of the four barrels you will see the head of the magazine hatch. You can unscrew it to reveal the internal BB chamber be aware once you unscrew it a long spring will be attached to it along with the feed head. turn the Micro-gun muzzle up and proceed to fill the chamber keep in mind there is an indicator whole drill through on the magazine. If you fill past the whole you will have the empty Some BB’s out in order to screw the spring system back in place. Now keep in mind doing this under pleasure in the field will prove to be a real pain in the butt. so you might want to have cover handy if you find yourself in this situation.

Now the internals on this little monster is unique in the matter of how they operate. Similar to the real world counterpart this HPA bb hose has a separate motor on the right side that rotates an internal gear system to rotate the four barrels, while the barrels rotate the internal firing mechanism loads a BB into the barrel and fires. The effect and motion happen at a rapid rate in which the moment you pull the trigger the gun fires. Unlike in Fallout or Modern Warfare 2, there is no “wind up” time, this is a fantastic feature and it means instantaneous fire. Now rumour has it Classic Army is releasing an upgraded motor kit for a higher rate of fire, not that the rate of fire isn’t fast enough at 38 rounds per second. The inner barrels are standard AEG type and the hop up rubbers are too. This is a BIG plus if you wanted to change the bucking after they where out or theoretically flat hop the inner barrel. Each barrel can individually be adjusted for the hop, this can allow you to have a smaller or larger grouping. But realistically you really shouldn’t have to take this weapons system apart. Word of caution there is A LOT of screws. The one issue encountered a lot on the field was the HPA line occasionally popping out of the joint, looking online I’ve come across some that either glue or use plumbers tape to secure the hose in place; I recommend the second option over the first.

In Theory 
For those of you who know me on the field or from what you’ve read on the site. By no means would I ever really run a system like this, but for the sake of airsoft, I’ll offer some thoughts on how this system could or would be effective. The feeling you get from gripping the front carry handle coupled with the joystick trigger toggle system in empowering, knowing whatever you point this at will receive a volley of fire comparable to and A10. Carrying this gun is easy because of the build materials. The lack of a sighting system besides your hip and by the nature of it means you’re plopped into a supporting role no matter what. The rate of fire and volume of sound produced is a head turner and makes you a prime target if you’re at the front and is a sure reason to be number one on the kill list. My one gripe with the gun is the internal magazine, the design is wonderfully thought out for practical means, but it doesn’t allow you to carry more than 2200rnds and really limits you on the amount of fire you can put out. On the other hand, this little monster now has a vehicle mounting kit, this would be bundled in my cart if I were to purchase the M132. The kit allows for a weapon site to be mounted anything you can bolt it too, with a paddle style trigger system and a muzzle break because of the MASSIVE muzzle flash you get from HP means you can turn your truck, go-cart, or even tripod into a force to be reckoned with.

Whether you’re sporting a suit of power armour, mounting this gun on a vehicle or you “ain’t got time to bleed” this gun is a surefire economic minigun purchase. It’s a real treat to hold one and really have the opportunity to fire and even inspect on in-depth. I know I can say with enthusiasm this is definitely worth the coin and will keep you smiling in spades as you mow down your enemies in droves.

Schoolboy out