Where else do I start? Over the years of playing airsoft I’ve gone through more loaders than I wish to admit. Yet these baby takes the cake! This is by far the best quality Speedloader and the easiest I’ve used to date! The ODIN Innovations M12!

The M12 is No larger than 2 AR15 magazines stacked together in a double mag pouch. the quality alone is superb. The loaded is solid as a rock and everything is streamlined when the loader is not being used. it fits comfortably into a double AR15 pouch comfortably. The bolt on the back can be tightened in order the increase the tension required to trip the clutch for those pesky 190rnd magazines with strong springs.

The M12 holds up to 1600rnds in a single fill, more than enough to load 10 120rnd mid-caps. The Winding wheel is easy to use, simply pop the handle out from its lock away position, and lock a magazine into the lower half of the loader and turn the wheel. The loader is simple to actuate and store. This piece is well worth the money you pay. I’ve had mine for close to two years now, and absolutely love how the ease of operation is for loading magazines before a game!

Conclusion: The M12 is easily one of the better airsoft products on the market. It’s easy to find on the market now, and readily available in three different colors red, black, tan, and now in a clear smoked grey to see the BBs in the hop. For around the price of $60 USD you can’t go wrong. The one downside is the sidewinder is only compatible with AR style magazines. However, you can get 3D printed molds for different magazine types.

– Schoolboy out