Are you all Fet-ted up with regular mushy trigger response now is the time to amp up the pew pew!!

Hello fellow airsofter, I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the coined term MOSFET. Many of you are probably wondering what a mosfet is? To put it simply mosfets or fets (for short) are an electronic trigger system often used to replace simple contact systems. Thus allowing better trigger better reception battery life and with some advanced version select fire and pre-cocking options. For years I ignored the concept of using a mosfet until I purchased my first being a Spectre and running in in my M27 IAR (Back in the day). After that, I was sold on the practical matter of having a fet for saving the contacts and the battery. Once switching back to the Tavor I struggled with the idea of getting once again due to the nature of Ares guns using micro switches (micro-switches are not common among conventional AEG trigger builds). After some time and research, I finally found a fet compatible with Ares guns and one I got excited about purchasing! I purchased this mosfet from for $45.00 CAD each, for both and the silvercore wire shipping I paid $144.70 CAD total.

Introducing the Gate Nano AAB Mosfet!

The price point is great and same goes for the quality, the company also provides a unique serial number and a (12 month warranty)  in airsoft this is generally unheard of. The Mosfet is also made in the EU so you know it must have some level of advanced engineering. The AAB Fet is a part of a line of mosfets provided by Gate that is universally compatible with practically every AEG on the market. So to put it simply this fet is notion more than a basic system with some “smart” features built in. the first being three methods of installation allow a variety of options for airsoft looking for a credible solution or just a simple drop in. The first way to install the fet is directly connecting it to the standard electrical housing. This allows the fet to regulate the electrical flow preventing arcing (increasing you contacts lifespan). This method, however, doesn’t allow the full potential of the fet to be utilized. The best method is to use the third option and using the signal wires to connect the fet to the contacts directly.

In the box, you will have a double signal wire single signal wire, two deans connectors Male & Female, and the MOSFET. The first thing you will want to do is disconnect the standard wiring harness at this point you will replace the positive wiring completely with the signal wire on both end and plug it into the back of the Nano AAB fet (above the dean’s connectors). This will allow you to take FULL advantage of this fet! The second portion is to directly connect the motor to the fet and then the battery (reference the diagram below or the full manual here)

Installation however can be tedious, I strongly advised getting an experienced  Airsoft technician to do the work.   

This will allow the fet’s debouncing system to be used to its full capability. The signal wire carries a very low current to the contacts used to detect the contacts completing the circuit (pull the trigger). This saves the contacts, in the long run, prevents arcing of the contacts and ultimately increases your trigger response and battery life. This is great if you run your gun hard or if you want a good solution for using a lipo battery. It also allows a more constant and strong flow to the motor. More power = Happy motor.

The Type of Nano I purchased is the Active braking model. Active braking is better for realism and the circuit in general. It allows for a high flow of electricity and immediate cut off once the circuit has been cut via using a revise current to prevent the motor from over torquing. This allows you use to have a faster trigger response when using a high ROF (Rate of fire). This is particularly good if your rifle has issues using semi-auto due to a height rate of fire. This mainly occurs in High-speed setups.

After installing the Nano AAB I noticed an increase in the rate of fire immediately, the trigger response is was crisp and snappy, primarily on semi-auto. Each time the gun also completed a full cycle with piston locked in the forward position. on Full auto the response time was identical and the ROF increased by 2-3 rounds (Like plugging in a fresh 11.1 lipo out of the box). My only issue is the lack of space in the rear battery compartment above the gearbox, and it disables the fake bolt from locking in the rear position due to the fet taking up the small space when the butt pad is closed. However, having this as and external MOSFET allows you to upgrade the Gate Nano Hard or Gate Merf 3.2 if you so choose (BIG PLUS).

Note the control wires connecting to the micro switch on the right going to the rear of the gearbox and in the picture below the connection to the fet and the direct connection to the motor. Just like the diagram above.

In field testing
Over the past weekend, I ran my tavors with the new Fets. I found the trigger response to be beyond par for regular use. The gun fired consistently and the electrical flow was consistent, mind my old batteries finally biting the dust. For such an inexpensive mosfet this was well worth the money spent.

After a long day in the wet cold rain from this past weekend. I found this MOSFET to be a great system to install in your gun for the price and it performance assistance. In the past, I’ve used mosfets less than owning pistols. However, in the near future, I have these little bad boys down as essential part of an upgrade. You as the player should strongly consider this yourself!

– Schoolboy out