AIM Eotech 551 Review (Eotech 551 Reproduction)

The Special forces special of optics! Over the years we’ve seen thousands of photos of multiple militaries around the world adopt small Holo-sight systems for the spec-ops guys. Ranging from Russia to the US, and even China the Eotech is a symbol of advanced military technology. The boxy profile and low profile battery hump to [...]

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Ares Tar 21 Review (IWI Tavor 21 Reproduction)

In a country a little bigger than the state of New Jersey. A single company starting from humble beginnings manufacturing arms for the Jewish people came to be known for world-class firearms production; this company is IWI formally IMI. They produced firearms well know across the globe these include: the UZI, the Galil, the Negev [...]

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Going Commando (Pilot)

Inspiration Drawing from real-world thoughts and ideas I built a basic kit that applies to multiple roles, simple, slick, and versatile. The base or which is built around reconnaissance, & land too water born operations; too punching through a line, flanking the left or right, or sneaking through the river. My main inspirations are drawn [...]

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