E&C 416D Review & Test

Fresh out of the box with a new review! Today we are looking at a repro-of-a-repro. This is a replica of the 416 made by E&C (East Crane). E&C is the sister company of E&L, who in turn are in direct connection to real sword. This makes the quality for the price point value fantastic [...]

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Going Commando Ed.1 – “Oaklet” Camouflage Leafs

Welcome back to another edition of going commando! Today I’m sharing with you a simple product purchased from all places, Russia. A store located in Moscow and its vast stock of online military apparel called Grey-Shop. Now normally I rarely purchase from outside of Canada or the US, But in this case, I did. I [...]

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X800 Repro Tactical Assault Goggles Test & Failure

DISCLAIMER: Eyewear is an area of airsoft I personal DON’T buy inexpensive! These goggles where donated to me and I was instructed to test and evaluate them to the best of my abilities! The purpose of this disclaimer is for your benefit! If you are genuinely concerned about your eyes (like myself) spend the money and buy Military Grade ballistic eyewear. [...]

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AIM Eotech 551 Review (Eotech 551 Reproduction)

The Special forces special of optics! Over the years we’ve seen thousands of photos of multiple militaries around the world adopt small Holo-sight systems for the spec-ops guys. Ranging from Russia to the US, and even China the Eotech is a symbol of advanced military technology. The boxy profile and low profile battery hump to [...]

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