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Going Commando Ed.4 – Radio 101

Welcome back fellow airsofters to another edition to the Going Commando series! Today we are talking coms, signals, radios. Radio communication in airsoft is not as necessary as most would like to think. It falls more under the category of accessory; However given the opportunity to use a radio device, if used properly it can [...]

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MK1 Commando

Israel a small nation at the end of the Mediterranean Ocean. This is a Jem among the middle eastern nations, vibrant, lush, and beautiful. For a period of time, The Israel Defence Force or IDF has been at the cornerstone of advanced military technology and urban warfare tactics. However, the standardized equipment in the IDF [...]

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“Hush Puppy” Build – KJW MK.2 Pistol

The Fabled term "Hush Puppy" a little-known term that floats around on occasion among the airsoft community. The term's origins however come from a little pistol the Smith & Wesson Model 39 modified for "special" purposes in Vietnam. The pistol was modified with a bulky suppressor that would lock the slide in position to prevent [...]

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