Drawing from real-world thoughts and ideas I built a basic kit that applies to multiple roles, simple, slick, and versatile. The base or which is built around reconnaissance, & land too water born operations; too punching through a line, flanking the left or right, or sneaking through the river. My main inspirations are drawn from SOCOM, and the IDF Shayetet 13 (Hebrew: שייטת 13‎‎).

(IDF Shayetet 13 commandos above)


Running multiple camouflage patterns was step one.
– (MCT) Multicam Tropic for greener environments forests, jungles, grasslands.
– (MC) Multicam for deserts, plains, or dry tundras.
The base of my plate carrier being OD (olive drab) covered in Multicam pouches to break up the shape and being applicable to multiple uniform bases. Knowing your environment is key and having camo for the theatre of operation is ideal. Instead of sporting a helmet like I did in the past; I decided to use the versatile and well-known boonie hat. The boonie is a simple, cheap, and effective investment for those looking to conceal your shape and shade your face. The brim provides good sun cover, can assist in the break up of the head, and provide good cover from rain fall. Aside from utilizing a basic uniform, the next problem I encountered was my skin. Nothing stands out more than a pale face in the middle of the woods. Drawing from past experiences I decided on using camo-face paint again because balaclavas are too hot. Purchasing a basic Green, Brown, and Black set was an excellent investment. Last bit was covering up anything reflective or matt black.


Over the years I’ve gone through multiple chest rigs, plate carriers, and other various load-bearing equipment to carry ammunition, utilities, secondary’s, grenades, maps, documents, food, water, and the list goes on. Over my experiences, I’ve been able to reduce my weight and minimize to the essentials. The part I cannot stress enough, keeping it practical and tactical. I decided on a plate carrier system instead of using a tradition chest rig or battle belt; with rigidity, comfort, and simple platform to work off of. Keeping both my left and right side clear of any obstructions and having a high chest profile allows for ease of use and full range mobility; This is key! It opens up for a range of additional pieces to be added such as a battle belt, grenade belt, hip and leg related platforms without any interference, which is a concept I am still experimenting with.

Condor LCS Plate Carrier OD

-Agilite Advanced Ammo Pouch (x3 G&P 130rnd M4 mag, Multi-tool, x1 Chemlights)
-Agilite Battery Ammo Pouch (x3 G&P 130rnd M4 Mag, x3 CR123 batteries, x2 Chemlights)
-Condor PRC-152 Radio Pouch (BaoFeng Radio with extended battery and antenna)

-Harris PRC 152 blade antenna (Connected via Radio extension cord and adaptor)
-Flye Replica MAP backpack (2.5L Hydro-pack, Muli-wrap, Camo Face Paint, Binoculars)
-Condor M249 pouch Modified (x4 G&P 130rnd M4 mag, x1 300rnd High-cap M4 Mag)

Waist (Optional)
Tactical Tailor M203 Bandolier belt (x12 Pro-Arms 120rnd 40mm grenade)

As listed above is the bare essentials and some extra provisions. Keeping my kit to a minimum and yet functional was the primary goal. Additional pieces will be added for extended range and three to four days operations, keeping the concept of scenario games and mil-sim events in mind.


In airsoft, we tend to see a lot of people spending the majority of the time on rifle or primary. I wanted to be sure to have one or more primaries each serving a different purpose but yet sharing similar functionality. This meant sticking to one type of magazine or STANAG-ing things.I decided to go along with a bullpup and stick to an AR magazine so I decided firmly on the tavor21. (prior experience, preference, and the modern approach) In turn, I spent over two years building two separate Tavors, both serving the same purpose with different mission parameters in mind. One being a C-TAR (Commando) and the other being an S-TAR (Standard). Both rifles have similar range and accuracy, share the same optics and magazines, however, one is built for light weight agile warfare, the other for heavy assault operations with the addition of an under mounted grenade launcher. The rifle as a whole is very good for field and urban warfare, the profile being short than an M4A1 and allowing for easier movement in tight quarters. The ergonomics are along the same lines as an M4 but it is a true ambidextrous rifle at heart, Making off hand shooting far easier. Both rifles are equipped with a two point IDF issue sling, simple yet elegant in use. The weight is situated in the rear and the muzzle is close to the forearm for ease of manipulation while maneuvering. Compared to previous platforms I’ve ran the Tavor triumphs all to me.


In airsoft we have a bad habit of purchasing the “cool” gear more often than nun. The lessons of being practical are hard-pressed and often learned in field from impractical concepts. However, airsoft has an artistic flare to it, the vast majority of the time each person is unique. Like in a well made video game with character customization, the same principal can be applied in airsoft to ourselves. The best thing any player can do is simply ask the WHY behind the concept. Chasing a practical application behind your equipment will give you the best performance in field and increase you efficiency.

– Schoolboy out