In a country a little bigger than the state of New Jersey. A single company starting from humble beginnings manufacturing arms for the Jewish people came to be known for world-class firearms production; this company is IWI formally IMI. They produced firearms well know across the globe these include: the UZI, the Galil, the Negev and its futuristic design, integrated sighting system; The IWI Tavor.

History: In 1995 IMI commissioned a development team to create a new firearm for the Israeli military. The project was to find a replacement for the M4 carbine, a firearm with more durability, reliability, and easy to maintain. A weapon platform for close quarters combat (CQB) mechanized infantry warfare, and regular combat. The goal was to build a better gun for the IDF and aim for adoption; they would succeed in doing so.

The Visual evolution of the Tavor

The weapon was developed from the beginning in a bull-pup format to maintain a low profile from butt to muzzle. The internals take principle ideas from the AK47 and M1 Garand long stroke piston system for reliability purposes.

Some of the original Tavor’s tested with OD green bodies.


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In 2001-2002 the Tavor outperformed the M4 in trials. In 2009 the MTAR was selected to be the new rifle of the IDF and completed for 2018. The Rest is History.

Ares Ctar 21

Airsoft: In 2012 an airsoft company out of Hong Kong named Ares Airsoft decided to make a CTAR 21 replica. They made a truly beautiful Tavor with a MARS RDS integrated with the rifle. Unfortunately for me, I’ve only been able to get my hands on the Tar 21. Today I own 2; One in a CTAR format the other in a STAR with a mounted 203.

Now to the meat of the review!

Externals: The Ares Tavor is not cheap in this department, the polymer modeled body is well made, with a slight seam running down the middle of the gun. The texture of the polymer is not too smooth or too rough and feels great in the hands with the real IWI trades on the rear and a mock serial Number. The fore-grip is something more to be desired it is a thin inexpensive ABS and gets shiny quickly from the oils on your hand. The butt plate is rubberized but scratches and peels off quickly after a bit of use. On both my guns I’ve worn the butts down quite a bit. The upper half of the gun is made of metal and finished in a nice flat matt black. Overall I’d give the externals an 8 out of 10 if it were not for the cheep fore-grip and the cheap rubber butt.

Internals: Ares isn’t known for the best quality of mech boxes on the market. The Tavor being notorious to get into. On the other hand, I have to hand it to them the design isn’t half bad and relatively easy to work with in comparison to L85’s or F2000s.

The gearbox is connected to the trigger and selector in the front section of the gun via using steel rods (just like the real gun) these rods on both sides of the gun manipulate the firing system. The trigger system is a simple lever arm actuating a standard micro-switch. Now there are 2 negatives to this; one the trigger is a long pull, and the second is the trigger system can be very sensitive if you are like me and tinker with your guns. On the positive side though, any standard micro-switch will fit into the gun these are cheap and easy to find and most electronic stores. The Micro-switch can also give a far faster trigger response than a standard contact harness and is easy to work with if you want to install a mosfet system.

The internal gear system is a standard set of Ver. 2/3 set of gears with a regular NARROW piston and Ver. 2/3 Piston head. The Motor cage is directly connected to the gearbox Like an m249 using a Ver.3 motor. The tappet plate Cylinder head is all unique to the Tavor and the nozzle can be swapped for a regular Ver.2 M4 nozzle (check the sizing prior to ensure a proper fit in the hop-up unit).

The Hop-Up system uses standard AEG rubbers and barrels. The Hop-Up connects directly to the gearbox. The pros are you get a superb air seal with a very low variance between shots. The negative is you need to disassemble the ENTIRE gun to access the Hop-Up unit and to change rubbers.

This imagine representing the internal upgrades I’ve done to my two Tavors.

Parts list include.
– SHS 13.1 Ver. 2/3 Gearset
– SHS Full metal tooth piston
– SHS Piston head
– GT35000 Ver. 3 motor
– V-15-1C25 Microswitch
– Wii Teach H-hop with bucking
– Silver low resistance wiring
– Deans connectors

Conclusion: The Ares Tavor is somewhat of a gem in the airsoft world hard to come by and a looker on the field. It is, a bit temperamental and can be a real pain at times, however, if you’re a tech-head like myself this gun can be worked on, fixed, and tuned to your liking. On a positive note, Ares will respond to your emails and you can get parts directly from the manufacturer to replaces small proprietary pieces.

– Schoolboy out