The Special forces special of optics! Over the years we’ve seen thousands of photos of multiple militaries around the world adopt small Holo-sight systems for the spec-ops guys. Ranging from Russia to the US, and even China the Eotech is a symbol of advanced military technology. The boxy profile and low profile battery hump to the front of the sight are etched into our memories. Born and made in the land of the free, the Eotech optic is a wonderful piece of technology.

History: So what is a Holographic sight? (holo-sight)  Eotech was the first successful company to design, test, and manufacture a portable Holographic weapon sight adapted for close quarters combat (CQB) and area effect fire. Compared to a red dot optic, the sight has a 65 MoA ring features a MoA dot in the center with an outer ring with vertical and horizontal points accented for bullet drop compensation. This is an excellent feature for rifles, machine guns, and shotguns alike.

Compared to its counterpart reflective sights. Eotechs use a laser diode to refract the light through the holographic grating, to a collimating reflector, using the light path to create a holographic image allowing the user to have an optic not affected by thermal drift during operation. To put it simply the idea is the weapon has no parallax while aiming. the idea that the radicle is always on target.

Eotechs have been on the battlefields since 1998s and have seen use all over the world in multiple conflicts. They are fantastic battle-proven optics and a sensational icon among BB-wars fandom.

Now to the good stuff!

Airsoft: over the years multiple airsoft companies alike have reproduced the EOTech optical sights. However, the disclaimer is they are NOT true holo-sights. Their mere imitations with a simple red-dot system inside to imitate the sight. for airsoft use, this is perfectly okay.

Externally the build quality is excellent, the aluminum housing is well made and protects the sight well from impact bb strikes and the various elements. The plastic housing has a good quality rubber anodized coating. The sight is sealed so it is water resistant, however NOT waterproof. (don’t go swimming with it on your gun) on the left hand side you have L3 Eotech trades witch is a nice touch to this optic. on the right you have the adjustment for elevation and windage. (due note that the adjustments are backwards on airsoft sights) To the rear of the optic you have the ON button and the brightness adjustments, holding both together with turn off the sight. In the middle the NV button is used to change the reticle color to green. ( in the real version it would change the diode to IR light for night vision use)

Parallax is common with most airsoft optics and temperature sensitivity. For us in British Columbia during the cold wet winters, our sights commonly have fogging issues. and the low light situation makes is difficult to see through the two panes of glass. This problem can be eliminated with some anti-fog.  The AIM Eotech 551 uses 4 small watch batteries to power the optic. These are easy to find at any local store that sells batteries.

Conclusion: This $100 or less repro-sight is not a bad bang for your buck. For the purpose of airsoft their a dime a dozen with a faithful look to them to accent your spec-ops load out.

– Schoolboy out