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I’ve been playing airsoft for almost a decade now and been in a constant state of evolution for that duration of time, working steadfast at applying my skills on the field to conquer foes.

Hello, my fellow reader, airsoft-er, or curious onlooker. Welcome to my site! Obviously my name isn’t Schoolboy, however it is my call sign. From humble beginnings I decided to create knowledgeable content for fellow airsoft-er’s in a hope to educate and build better communities from this I started this project.


Every airsoft-er has or had a reason to play or take aim at this lovely hobby or sport to many. My passion derives from my love for team play! Having participated in multiple team sports when I was young and having a natural attraction to the military drew me in when I was in my mid teens. Fast forward a couple years with a closet full of gear, guns, and a little bit of extra time on my hands i decide to put by passion to work for me and to benefit those who wish to learn from my experiences and to share useful information.


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