40mm grenades for over 10 years have been a novelty in airsoft. The “Cool” factor of having grenade launchers in airsoft was more of adding extra weight to your rifle and carrying it around the field. For myself, I’ve had a fascination with grenade launchers for a long time. The concept to lob 40mm grenades down on your enemies in airsoft was lacklustre at best. From MOSCART, TAG rounds, to slugs the 40 mike is the first grenade to be created and released to bridge that gap.

The 40Mike was first introduced to the airsoft world through a teaser trailer Airsoft Innovations created at Siege airsoft in Toronto. The trailer featured the world most powerful bb grenade firing 150bs in 1/3 of a second. Now to most of us, we watched in horror wondering why anybody would make such a thing. The 40Mike seemed more like a laser overshooting a player with a wallop of bbs at close range. On the other hand, when the tornado was released years ago the airsoft community had the same response in a sense. The fact of the matter is Airsoft Innovations is working tirelessly at making new products to change the dynamic of the game by adding to it. Once again they delivered.

The 40Mike comes in a very detailed box accented in yellow and red. On the front of the package, You have the grenade displayed cut in half featuring the Quantum Drive. It lists the amount of BBs, FPS, area effect or spread, and the range. On the left is has a stiff warning to the user how to use the product safely. The right contains the contents of the box. On the back, you have a nice M4 illustration along with the BRRRRRT TO WIN! and performance reports.

Inside the Box, you will find the 40Mike, an exclusive moral patch, silicone oil, safety cap and the manual. The manual is detailed and will tell you how to maintain the grenade and how to deploy it correctly. This grenade has an incredible amount of safety warnings on how to use this grenade appropriately; I condone Airsoft Innovations for doing this.

Now the grenade itself is a solid silver CNC machined cast mass. It looks rather crude more like a prototype than a finished piece, but the inviting red sticker across the grenade is detailed with the operation and another warning label. On the top, you have the gas fill valve, three body screws and the inner barrel of the grenade. The bottom contains a single firing pin release and the three body screws the unit together. Note the safety cap goes over the rear of the grenade preventing you from accidentally firing the grenade in a safe zone. Do note the firing pin is light and the grenade can easily be detonated depressing the pin with your finger, so in the safety zone please do use the cap.

In theory
The practicality of running 40mm grenades in airsoft has always limited the player to close range 30ft and under or showering your target with BBs. The truth behind the matter comes down to most players will not call the hit from a 40mm grenade mainly because the player won’t feel the hit. The 40Mike without a doubt will make you call a hit, the 240fps is enough but not too much. This grenade will cause the player some pain, but it won’t break the skin or endanger the player if used properly. AI has made it very clear that this grenade has an MED of 30ft, but I’d recommend 40ft personally. I also agree this grenade shouldn’t be aimed at a players face, due to the nature of many players who don’t use full face protection such as myself.

I decided to test this grenade at my local field Panther Airsoft, Not only did I get a few confirmed hits, but the grenade honestly surprised me. I found the 40Mike to be effective at 40-70 feet with .20g BBs. I managed to lob close to all 150 BBs into a target area with accuracy. The secondary effect of this grenade is scaring the daylight out of players, besides the 150rnds flying down range the sound that this grenade makes is menacing, and it did manage to turn more than a few heads in the proses. I tested the grenade in a controlled engagement at 40ft with a pair of oil drums in the place of a person to demonstrate the spread. The field I play at has a MED of 40ft using .20g BBs only.



This is by far the most cost-effective grenade for airsoft to date. In contrast to TAG rounds or regular MOSCART grenades witch ether have a great affect at a high price or ineffective at a low cost. For the price and the purpose, you will definitely find these to be useful. Please be sure to play within the MED for these grenades to ensure the safety of other on the field!

– Schoolboy out